Equipped with two compartments: one for water and one for emulsion, with the corresponding mouths to fill them. The separation of the two compartments is made through two walls, creating a space of 70 mm, insulated with mineral wool. At the customer’s request or depending on their needs, the tank can be equipped with an auxiliary diesel deposit. It will be used to power the auxiliary engine, to supply various machinery and for cleaning the ramp and emulsion pump.


A wide range of tanks

We have a wide range of bitumen emulsion sprayer tanks, with capacities ranging from 200 liters to 15,000 liters. They can be used both for spreading bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen. In this case, the tanks are equipped with hydraulic motors with diathermic oil.

The equipment at our disposal

-RIELLO BURNERS Burner125W, 108000kcal.
-Emulsion bypass pump (capacity 12000l / h, 1500rpm)
-Water pump (capacity 24000l./h,3000rpm)
-Diesel pump GA-35 (capacity 30 l / min)
-Hydraulic motors SAUER-DANFOSS
-Hydraulic ROQUET pump
-Lombardini diesel auxiliary engine-19CV

The Irrigation System

The irrigation system operates by spraying with the ramp, lance, or both methods simultaneously. The irrigation ramp can extend up to 4.5 m. The system has a spray jet, properly situated so as to ensure the sprinkling of the soil with at least 3 sprays in one spot. The ramp is operated manually, for both opening and closing of the spraying, and to adjust its height.

Machines Used

The machines used by our company are specially designed to follow market variations, meeting the requirements for protection and the standards set by the CE89 / 392 directive.


DavMet Tech has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines that spread bitumen emulsion. Our equipment is subject to constant technological innovations in the field.

The tanks have their own design and construction

And they allow the transport for the spreading of bitumen emulsion (6000l) before asphalting. The water deposit cools the compactors and the diesel storage warms up the emulsion and the supply equipment.

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