The Machine Frame


It is made of welded steel profiles, this giving the car a high rigidity. The frame is milled in order to ensure the best accuracy possible. Moreover, ISEL axes with ball screws and linear guides also contribute to the repositioning accuracy.

The Beams


Are made out of aluminum with a light structure and a reduced inertial mass, facilitating the working speeds (12m / min) and it also has a high acceleration. The machine is operated with actuators and rotary encoders, ensuring a quiet operation.

CNC Machines


The processing of ferrous and nonferrous metals, decorative stones and wood is now possible and made simple by using CNC machines. They are operated through numerical control and can perform operations such as cutting, milling and grinding with a high accuracy.

DavMet Tech


DavMet Tech offers a range of solutions for the processing of ferrous and nonferrous materials through cutting. Our company has a professional team specially trained to handle special equipment in optimal conditions.

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Among the services offered by the DavMet Tech is CNC plasma cutting, available for 2000 × 6000 mm. The cutting machine we have stand out through their high quality and reliability.

The qquipment that our company has at their disposal is specialized in thermal cutting, having a CE certificate and having the following features: operating setings in Romanian; wide temperature range (0 / + 45 ° C); optimized for plasma cutting equipment; automatic Brenner – board distance tracking.