Street sweeprs have an extremely robust and stable equipment, which serves for cleaning and collecting waste dust, as well as fragments of stone, glass, wood, metal, etc. They are recommended for cleaning milled surfaces, distribution of sand or clearing of snow but not only.

The device does not collect only the classic dust from urban areas, but also very fine dust or sand thanks to an efficient filtering system. Thus, any dust is removed, leading to a better protection of the environment.


The sweepers can be mounted

On mini loader-type vehicles and, at the customer’s request, it can be mounted on the backhoe. It connects and disconnects easily on the associated vehicle, in a matter of seconds. The device operates in the back and forth direction, and the emptying of the containers can be made directly, by using the lifting of the carrier.


Street sweepers from DavMet Tech are characterized by robustness and durability, being optimal sweeping solutions. These appliances are new to the market in Romania, representing the first step towards the mechanized cleaning of cities.


By using these sweepers, you ensure a productivity four times higher compared to a manual operator. The powerful engine and advanced filtration system ensures a safe and effective operation.

Easily Maneuvrable

Due to their compact size, street sweepers are highly maneuverable. They can be installed easily and quickly by anyone, safely, without risk of injury.

Increased Resistance

The parts of the sweepers do not wear out quickly over time due to frequent use. The materials of our products are quality made, showing an increased resistance over time.


From the main characteristics of the device, we mention the following: the high quality blade, reversible and interchangeable; it has access to a hydraulic motor cap; the brush is made of polypropylene and steel discs with a quick replacement system.

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