The uses of these bands are extremely diverse, starting from the industrial to the agricultural industry. The diameters of the rollers are available from 30 mm to 108 mm. We have standard models and sizes available, but on request we can make special sizes too.
The rubber coating consists of the top layer and bottom layer marginal cord. Usually, due to insertion, the front portion of the top layer can exceed the bottom layer in thickness.

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Quality Certification

Each batch of rolls will always be accompanied by a certificate of quality, which will specify the lot and the results of verifications made in the laboratory. The bands will be delivered rolled and tied in multiple places with textile strips, depending on their width.

Storage of the Rolls

The storage of the rolls will always be made in optimal conditions, without coming into contact with sources of heat, radiations or oils, respecting the conditions stipulated in STAS 5112/87.

DavMet Tech

DavMet Tech sells rollers, garlands, reels, and carriers for unit load and bulk transport Our partnership with the Ulma Conveyor Components company allows us to distribute only quality products.

Increased Resistance

The durability of the rolls largely depends on their maintenance, but we guarantee a long lifespan of them in optimum handling conditions. They do not require special maintenance operations, but a careful handling prolongs their usage.

The Rubber Band

The diameter, length and number of the rollers for conveyor belts will be determined depending on the nature of the transport to be performed. The rubber band is put into motion by a reel, the movement being performed by an electric motor.

European standards

DavMet Tech offers the best rollers for conveyor belts, respecting European standards of quality to ensure customer satisfaction and the safety of the operations involving them.

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