Our water tanks are designed for the transportation, spreading, evacuation or injection of water or other liquid substances in agricultural and industrial purposes. Besides this, they are suitable for the execution of multiple tasks, such as filling the sprayer, water supply for various irrigation needs, water supply for construction sites where there is no running water, supply of water in cases of fires but also for washing roads or various machines.


Authomatic Mechanical Pump

The tanks are equipped with an autonomous diesel pump or a mechanical pump driven by a tractor. Depending on the size of the tank, appropriate types of pumps will be used.

Manure Spreading Systems

The tanks can be equipped with manure spreading systems on ground surface or with systems that incorporate it in the soil, ripper or disc type.

The Distribution of Liquid Substances

Water tanks are designed for the loading, transport, distribution and mixing of liquid substances that have a maximum concentration of 15% of coarse materials.

Authorized Tanks

Our services are made only with authorized tanks. They are made of the most durable materials on the market. Water tanks are made of stainless steel, having a capacity of between 20 to 25 cubic meters, provided with high-capacity discharge pumps.


The tanks are equipped with: whirlpool supply hose, electrical installation, drainage and spreading system, reflective tape and a tape for side protection. Their alimentation can be done both from a surface source and from the water supply network.

Water Quality Monitoring

The tanker used for water transportation will always correspond to the provisions of Cap. VI. of Drinkable Water Quality Law 458/2002 but also to the supervision rules, sanitary inspection and monitoring of drinking water quality HGR no. 974/2004.

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DavMet Tech offers a range of professional water tanks, observing all constructive and qualitative elements that are necessary to manufacture this product. Experience in the field gives us the certainty of havin water tanks of the highest quality.