The metal pallets are ideal for transporting goods by ship, train or car. In general, metal pallets are used in industry to replace metal shelves. They are made of hollow profiles and assembled by welding. Columns can be removed manually, without using other parts or tools and their handling can be done both manually and with a forklift or lysis. The bigger the load capacity, the more stable the pallet is. Metal pallets are custom made only, depending on the size required by the client. The pallets have a corrosion protection, with two coats of primer and layer of paint.



The metal pallets are made from both round and rectangular profiles, their assembly being made by welding, to ensure a long lasting connection.

Maximum Security

Metal pallets distributed by DavMet Tech can be used for transport, stacking and handling of heavy goods, in conditions of maximum security. These pallets have become the standard in many industries, for storage of various commodities.

Metal Pallets

Due to their hygienic and metallic design, the metal pallets can be used as minimalist displays in shops for displaying various products. Their appearance gives a neutral but pleasant contrast with any existing arrangements.

Main Benefits of Metal Pallets

Resistance to intense and prolonged use;
Supports loads weighing up to 4500 kg;
They are 100% recyclable; They are easy to maintain and clean;
They are fire-resistant.

Various Dimensions

The various sizes of the metal pallets offer the possibility of overlapping them. They lare ightweight, for easy handling and transportation. Their increased resistance allows an intense handling of the pallets without the risk of damage.


Metal pallets are made from materials of the highest quality, according to the latest European quality standards. Thus, you always have safety in their use.

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