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Mechanical processing

Cutting, bending and rolling

Mechanical processing

Cutting, bending and rolling.

Our activity

Our metal workshop includes a wide range of activities and operations, with a large production capacity. This is mainly due to our advanced equipment and facilities with numerous machines and tools. Correlated with our team of professionals and the technical processes that we use, we guarantee a flawless result and a fast execution with great precision.

We provide professional processing solutions, especially designed according to your needs, to streamline activities and increase productivity.

Our activity covers a large surface in production halls specially equipped with CNC machines. We manufacture parts through turning, milling, grinding and slotting for a wide range of industries.

A broad range of services

You need mechanical processing executed with great precision? No problem! DavMet Tech is at your disposal this time too, meeting your needs with a wide range of metalworking services.


Through the equipment that we have available we can perform various tasks, such as cutting, bending, rolling, turning, milling, finishing and welding. The materials we work with are: stainless steel, copper, steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.

Metallic Constructions

And machines made by our company will always perform according to your drawings or on the basis of sketches designed by our team, after detailed discussions and consultations.

Quality Services

Whether you need services for bending, rolling, milling or turning, our team comes to your aid with quality services at reasonable prices!

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